Krile Communications

Strategy, Marketing, Public Relations

Code of Ethics

This code of ethics, which I developed in college, speaks volumes about Krile Communications.

Professionalism and Hard Work

Act with poise and grace. Do it right and do it with style. Practice courtesy, manners and etiquette daily. Never miss deadlines. Choose battles wisely. It’s the work that matters, not the money. Rise to challenges and encourage others to do the same. Don’t complain – suggest solutions or alternatives instead. Set reasonable goals and strive to achieve them. Maintain a confident, “put together” appearance at all times.


Promote accuracy, truth and fairness in myself, clients and colleagues. Ask questions. Be faithful to and honest with myself and those I love. Work for an organization of which I am proud. Live by the Golden Rule and obey the Ten Commandments. Always weigh all options and consider consequences for myself and others before making decisions. Try to see all sides of an issue. Remember that the public will believe a simple lie rather than a complex truth, so keep the truth simple. Take responsibility and be accountable for my actions. Live life as if I were on television.


Make time for family, career, friends and self. Practice life-long learning. Volunteer my time and serve the community in which I live. Smile. Laugh. Respect nature and all of its gifts. Embrace other cultures as well as my own. Listen to, observe and interact with children – they teach so much. Be physically fit. Read, watch and listen. Live in each moment.